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The Buffalo Juggalo Radio Show


The Buffalo Juggalo Radio Show was a weekly internet podcast series that aired on Hatchet Radio on Saturdays at 10pm EST. The show is hosted by Polmar, and through most of the first season was co-hosted by Trippy2Face. Near the end of Season One, Polmar’s brother Reverend joined the cast.

Trippy2Face & Polmar (August 2013)

===Creation and Reception===

In the late Spring of 2013, Polmar contacted a former manager of Hatchet Radio. Polmar originally pitched a 90-minute biweekly broadcast showcasing local and underground music and discussing news, topics and featuring interviews all geared toward the Juggalo demographic. After approval was received and production began, the project grew into a two-and-a-half hour format, including more segments and music.

Every episode of The Buffalo Juggalo Radio Show has been hosted by Polmar. For much of the first season, Trippy2Face also co-hosted, and Episode #17 in April of 2014 saw the introduction of Polmar’s younger brother, Reverend. As of around Episode #25, Polmar has hosted almost every episode solely, with occasional guest appearances by Trippy and Reverend.

Other than re-broadcasting old episodes on Wicked Nation for a brief period, The Buffalo Juggalo Radio Show remains exclusive to Hatchet Radio. Hatchet Radio is an internet website that hosts its own radio station server. Besides it’s own direct streaming, Hatchet Radio is also broadcast through other online channels as well. Due to the network spread, it’s impossible to calculate an exact number, but by the end of Season One, The Buffalo Juggalo Radio Show was the most listened-to broadcast on the server, reaching peak numbers each week. Most listeners are located within the United States, however there are steady plays each week in various other parts of the globe, including Australia, Britain, and sometimes the Middle East.

The ”Lost Episode”

During the first season, Episode #28 was produced, but for unknown reasons never completed the editing process, therefore never airing. Hatchet Radio instead played a re-run that week, and the next following new episode of The Buffalo Juggalo Radio Show was named #29 with no explanation or reference to #28. Episode #28 was later dubbed the “Lost Episode”.

Several segments and clips from the Lost Episode have since been recovered and aired.

Trippy and Polmar at the 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos.


Regular & Recurring Segments

*News & Upcoming Events
*Ask A Juggalo (from the ”Metro Times Detroit” column)
*Playing With Balls (sports news)
*Superhero Segment (study of a Marvel or DC Comics character)
*Jester Reviews (movie reviews)
*Get Schooled By Polmar (educational segment)
*Get High With Polmar (interview)

Past Segments

*Master-Debating (topical debates and rants)
*Comedy Review (biographical segment on a stand-up comedian)
*Movie Reviews by
*Video Game Reviews by Andrew of
*Book Reviews by Krimson Jester
*Nostalgia Glasses by The Psycho Robo team

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